Cadillac Plan



Strategies for Obtaining Optimal Behavior in the Classroom


The teacher interacts positively with the students.

The teacher communicates high expectations to the students.

The students are actively involved with peers either through cooperative learning or peer tutoring.

Classroom procedures are taught to students and and the students demonstrate an understanding of the procedures.

There is a consistent routine in the classroom that is understood by the students.

The students' instructional programs are appropriate to their academic needs.

The students are involved in academic goal setting.

Rules are posted.

Rules are mutually agreed on, succinct, positive and all-inclusive.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior are clear to all students.

Consequences are appropriate, fair and implemented consistently.

The students demonstrate that they understand the rules and consequences.

The teacher meets privately with serially recalcatrant students,; jointly they develop a plan to assist the student.

Further investigation into the student's behavior will uncover:


Reflection Form



Rules we agreed on






Please answer the following questions:

What rule did you violate?

What did you do that violated the rule?

What problem did this cause for you, your teacher and your classmates?

What plan can you develop that will help you be more responsible and follow the clasromm rule?

How can the teacher or other students help you?

I, ___________________ will try my best to follow the plan I have written and to follow the other rules and procedures in the classroom that we created to make the classroom a good place to learn.


Reference: (Jones & Jones, 2007)



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