Intelligent Design




What Good Classrooms Look Like


The rules are mutually agreed upon and are enforced consistently and fairly.

The goals and objectives for each lesson are clear.

The children value what they learn.

The teacher uses different ways to teach lessons (films, projects, discussions, guest speakers, etc.)

The children are interested in the subjects and ideas.

Time spent in large and small groups are balanced.

The skills taught can be applied in other areas of the students' lives.

The set goals for the class are accomplished.

The tests give the students information about what they have learned.

The assessments are given in many formats and show the teacher ways to improve the exercise.

The tests give information to the children about what they need to practice.

The students are comfortable sharing ideas.

The students are aware of how they are doing.

The assignments are challenging but not too hard.

There is plenty of time for questions and discussions.

The class encourages creativity.

The grading is fair.

The children are actively involved in the learning.




Music. "School Bell Dreams" by the Kalin Twins