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Teaching Greek in the Early Grades

Links to resources for teaching Greek specifically to children

Children are in the best stage in life to learn foreign languages. There are many resources for helping teach your children Greek especially if you don't mind mixing and matching ancient and modern Greek.

Greeknstuff.com This site offers an number of tools for learning the alphabet. Chart, puzzels and workbooks.
Ancient Greek Background (for kids) This site has many links to games for learning Greek history and mythology.
MythWeb This site introduces ancient Greek mythology with funny cartoons.
The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mythology This site has descriptions of who's who in ancient mythology.
Greek Kids This site has a wonderful selection of learning and entertainment resources for modern Greek. I especially recommend the Bilingual Baby video for ages 3-6 & parents.
The Greek Language Museum This site offers a fantasic CDRom that is full of fun Modern Greek education games. There are plenty of sample games on the site to play and learn. I would recommend this for ages 5 and up. (Or as early as the child learns how to handle a computer mouse.) Again these are great educational games.
Living Koine Greek Introduction Part One with 1 MP3 CD Randall Buth has produced a fantastic curriculum for all ages. This books has over 1000 pictures with an MP3 CD that takes you through the book. It is fantastic simply to look at the pictures and listen. I've spent a fair amount of time simply reviewing 20 pictures over and over again with my kids when they were 4, 6, and 8. (I also require it of my college students.)


The Greek Alphabet
This table gives the Greek letters, their names, equivalent English letters, and tips for pronouncing those letters which are pronounced differently from the equivalent English letters.
Greek Letter of the Month
Learn a new letter each month from Greek 'n Stuff, or work on learning the whole Greek alphabet at once. Unscramble the names of Greek letters and connect to the correct symbol.


Greek Fonts
Macintosh and Windows fonts from the SIL Greek Font System. Free of charge.
How to Read, Write, Print and Email in Greek
The following pages provide installation and usage instructions on reading, writing and printing in Greek, as well as some tips on how to email in Greek, and spell check your Greek text.
SIL Greek Font System
Designed to be an integrated system for entering, displaying and printing Biblical Greek texts. Also included are fonts for transliteration and conversion routines for going from one encoding to another.


Learn Greek on the Internet
Kypros-Net offers the unique opportunity of learning Greek on the Internet. A total of 105 lessons (audio files) are offered online.
Little Greek
The author includes lots of insights as to how he taught himself Greek by himself. The site has lessons based on the New Testament.
On-Line Greek School
Once you've tried the introductory lessons have a go at our new Interactive Activity Centre. The Activity Centre is made up of fun interactive activities for learning Greek. The activities are aimed at 6-7 year olds, but anyone who is interested in the Greek Language can have a go.

- Anne Zeiss




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