Pit Bulls, Whipped Cream and Ferris Wheels




The act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true


"It is hard to believe that in the entire country there are only 360 pit bulls. To me, the obvious inference is that a large number of pit bulls are unregistered."


Location "I grabbed onto the reins as the wind whistled through my hair."

Career "I whisked the whipped cream into a frothy lather."

Feeling "I just won first prize in the contest."

Time "The birds were singing and the Sun was high in the sky."

Cause "My room never looked so neat."

Effect "I rode the Ferris Wheel three times."

Object "There was something in the display window to please every shopper>"

Category "We've been to Disneyland, Sea World and Hershey Park."

Problem "I have to stop eating so many sundaes."

Solution " I need to buy a birthday present for Mom."


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