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Antarctica - A blackline, reproducible map of Antarctica for your students source

Antarctica - A thematic unit with diorama patterns, fact sheets, a blackline map, penguin patterns, a word search, and a book list about the coldest continent source

Antarctica 2 - Lessons with printable activities about Antarcticas geography, wildlife, survival techniques and more source

Antarctica I - Students plan an expedition to the coldest continent. Background information, lesson plan, and extension activity are provided source

Antarctica II - Students design a governance treaty for Antarctica. Background information, lesson plan, and extension activities are provided source

Antarctica Teacher Resources - Information, vocabulary terms, discussion questions, projects, and worksheets about Antarctica’s geography and climatesource

Antarctica Unit Plan - A thematic unit about the coldest continent. Students discuss issues facing Antarctica, write a personal viewpoint, explore online resources, and organize information with graphic organizers source

Arctic Medical Kit - A printable worksheet that puts students in the position of an Arctic expedition physician who must choose supplies source

Expedition Curriculum - Four sample lesson plans about an Antarctic expedition. Students learn about insulation, explorers foods, and following an expedition map. Lessons include printables source

Live From Antarctica 2 - An instructional unit with printable maps and worksheets about Antarctica. Topics include geography, explorers, animals, survival, and the environment source

Mapping Antarctica - Students use latitude and longitude coordinates to Antarctica on a grid. Lesson integrates math skills source

Polar Connections - A thematic unit with lesson plans and printable activity pages to teach students about the polar regions. Science and social studies are integrated source

South Georgia Island - Paradise of Ice - Students can learn about South Georgia Island through lesson plans integrating math and science. Related links, a trivia challenge, and background information are also included source

Take A Virtual Fieldtrip to Antarctica - A teachers guide to the Antarctic continent with resources, links, and classroom activities source

The Arctic - Dozens of printables for a unit about the Arctic region. Printable activities include research guides, shape book patterns, a concentration games, puzzles, a map, and more source

Wired Antarctica - Information, lesson ideas, and experiments for teaching about Antarctica through science and social studies. Students learn about the history of exploration of Antarctica, glaciers, building a research station, and more source

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