Question: Whatís the best way to get an elephant out of a box of cereal?

 Answer:    Read the directions on the back of the box.







Hereís a strategy for solving MULTIPLE CHOICE problems. It was submitted to Dansville Central Schools and subsequently was  distributed to every classroom in the district.






1. Read the DIRECTIONS carefully.

2. STUDY the map, chart or document.

3. Read the QUESTIONS carefully.

4. Read ALL the choices.

5. CROSS OUT the WRONG answers.

6. LOOK for the BEST answer.

7. DONíT leave it blank!





If you are asked to read a short selection and then respond to multiple choice questions about it, read the questions first. This will help point out to which parts of the story to pay extra attention. Highlighting these parts will make it easy to reference them. 


Swing Easy, Hit Hard


Paula Creamer


Andy Lyons