Memory  is one of the keystones 
 of learning !


Sharpen your Memory Skills 


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Memory Improvement Strategies



"God gave us memories that we might have roses in December."

-J. M. Barrie





1. Listening Exercise



Partner Power

LOOK at your partner

LEAN towards your partner

WHISPER with your 12 inch voice


Think, Pair, Share

   Work with a partner. One partner lists six items, such as sneakers, library, sail boat, coffee shop, uncle, and sandwich. After studying the list for a minute, he/she gives it to the second partner. The first partner then attempts to recall as many of the  items as possible. The second partner records the number of items correctly recalled.

    The second partner now takes the list and creates an imaginative story with all six items in it. For instance, "my uncle put on his sneakers and headed for the bowling alley. On the way, he stopped at a coffee shop for a sandwich. He saw a sailboat go by on the back of a truck and jumped aboard for a ride to the library." The student tells this story to the first partner. After hearing it, the first partner again tries to recall as many of the six items as he/she can. The results of the two attempts are compared. Take turns. See if this listening exercise increases your memory skills. If you find this exercise easy to do, increase the number of items on the list.





2. Visual Exercise


The Eyes Have It

     Some students prefer to work with visual images. If you are among these, try this exercise. Think up a number of unrelated items and include these in a single mental picture. For example, suppose you have two chores to perform tomorrow - buying dog food and disposing of old newspapers. To help you recall these chores, visualize, in your mind's eye a dog carrying a newspaper in its mouth. 




By William Wegman



      Or, if you were trying to remember three items, such as a trombone, a pig, and an apple, you might picture a pig playing the trombone, but he is having a difficult time because the apple is stuck in the instrument. It's as simple as that!

   Work with a partner. Develop a list of things you'd like him to remember. Hand  this list to your partner. Ask the child to study it for a moment, and then recall as many items as he can. Record this number. Now challenge him to create a visual image that includes all the things on the list. He can create this image, either by drawing it, or describing it in a written sentence or two. 

    After he has completed this task, ask your partner to recall as many items as possible without referring to the list, the drawing or the written sentence. Take turns.


Pounce !







Fun Fact

Scientists have discovered that goldfish own a very short memory. Once they have circled their bowl, the scenery is all new - again!




By Henri Matisse