We were given two ears but only one mouth.


This is because God knew that listening was twice as hard as talking.



Listening Activity

(Grade 5)


"Years later, when asked to define Pamela's appeal, Joseph Kraft replied, 'She was the most eloquent of listeners.' "

- Christopher Ogden





Class Discussion Material


"Good listeners are like poor boxers: they lead with their faces"


The first skill that children can practice to be good listeners is to act like good listeners. Our faces contain all the listening equipment in our bodies, so it is only natural that we should tilt our faces towards the speaker.

A second skill is to use your eyes. You can be a better listener when you look at the other person. Your eyes pick up the non-verbal signals that all people send out when they are speaking.

When you have established eye and face contact with your speaker, you must then react to the speaker by sending out non-verbal signals. Your face must move and give the range of emotions that indicate whether you are following what the speaker has to say.

It is extremely difficult to receive information when your mouth is moving. A good listener will stop talking and use receptive language instead. Use the "I see" . . . "okay" . . . "oh really" words and phrases that follow and encourage your speaker's train of thought.

Finally, concentrate on what the speaker is telling you.



If you are really listening, you should feel tired after your speaker has finished. Effective listening is an active rather than a passive activity.


"A good listener is a silent flatterer."



Show the students a copy of this front page

and ask a volunteer to read it.







Fred the Baker, Publisher


July 4, 2050


 Pillsbury Doughboy Passes Away


Krispy Kreme Stock Plunges


Bakery World in Chaos


Doughboy Found on Highway,

Flat as a Pancake

Grieving Relatives Sob,

 "Life's Uncertain. Eat Dessert First!"



Funeral Arrangements Pending




Remind students:


are spelled with the same letters!


Read the following Pillsbury Doughboy Update


1. Sad news, the Pillsbury Doughboy has passed away.

2. He died of injuries sustained when run over by a Dunkin Donuts truck.

3. He had also suffered for years from yeast infections.

4. He will be buried Wednesday in a lightly greased pan.

5. Surviving him are his wife, Play Dough, his two children Jane and John Dough, and his father, Pop Tarts.

6. Attending the wake will be Betty Crocker, Cap'n Crunch, Mr. Peanut and the California Raisins.

7. Aunt Jemima will delivery the eulogy.

8. Although there were many turnovers in the Doughboy's life, he was considered a roll model for millions.

9. He was sweet when he was young but turned into a crusty old man.

10. He waffled at times, drove a lemon of a car and carried a chip on his shoulder.

11. The Doughboy came up with some half-baked ideas, but overall, was a smart cookie.

12. Although he hung out with a bunch of crumbs, he was considered a good egg.

13. However, his last girl friend was a little flakey.

14. The funeral will be held Wednesday morning at 320 degrees for two hours.

15. Instead of money, please send flour.


Challenge the students to recall as many facts as they can.





 "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

-Robert McClosky


“I didn’t say that I didn’t say it.

I said that I didn’t say that I said it.

I want to make that very clear.”

                                   - Michigan Governor George Romney